Do you need quality provision for PPA Cover or breakfast & after-school clubs? Or would you simply like some additional ideas, support and structure for your PE classes?

Would you like to re-focus your students when they are distracted, energise them when they are flat or relax them when they need to calm down?

Animalates can help with all of these.

Increase your students’ balance, flexibility, strength, spatial awareness and self confidence as well as their numeracy and literacy results with daily Animalates ‘Adventures’ streamed into the classroom or gym hall and played via the Smartboard.

Pupils will love it and Teachers/TAs can either sit back and let the on-screen presenters instruct the ‘Adventure’, or can join in themselves but be warned; if a class partakes they’ll be able to leap higher, stretch further and concentrate longer. Oh, and they might have to roar like a lion.

The World of Animalates

Animalates World is a healthy, inclusive, fun place where the characters (and the audience) come together to perform exercises, sing songs and – inevitably – get involved in all sorts of misadventures. It is in sharing and using their knowledge & athletic ability that the crew overcome the hurdles presented to them and restore order to Animalates World.

Human Hosts: Sarah and Steve

The roles of the hosts are to communicate and instruct the exercises to both the animal characters and audience alike.

Sarah is an expert in movement and often refocuses the Animalates crew – including Steve… she is encouraging, understanding and knowledgable.

Steve understands most of the movements but regularly requires correction, providing a link to the animal characters. He is excitable and silly and often falls over when he tries to run too fast or jump too high. He can be tricked and surprised easily too; Sarah and the rest of the Animalates crew often play tricks on him.

Animal Characters

The animal characters, whilst experts in their own particular movements (e.g. kangaroo/jumping, cheetah/running) require Sarah & Steve to instruct them to perform all other exercise. As they are instructed, so too are the audience.

Each character has a different personality and their own strengths and weaknesses. The characters’ age range and physical abilities are similar to those represented within the audience, who as a result generally relate more to the animals than they do to Sarah and Steve.

The specific animals have been chosen because they provide a variety of different physical traits and characteristics – as well as being able to take on human characteristics in a believable and relatable way. Experience so far has shown that children love impersonating the animals’ movements.

An Animalates TV licence will offer:

  • Unlimited access to all 16 Animalates Adventure episodes for the entire school/nursery
  • Full support on implementation including Teacher introduction video
  • HD quality interactive video content streamed instantly, optimised for any device
  • New/updated videos added automatically to your Animalates TV account
  • Access to the Animalates help desk in the event of any queries/issues.

An Animalates ‘live’ licence will offer:

  • the capacity for Teachers/TAs to obtain Animalates Instructor certification
  • the capacity for the school to deliver financially beneficial ’live’ Animalates classes locally.
  • Physiologist-designed exercise programme
  • Pilates & Yoga-derived system of movement
  • Broadcast quality, interactive, streamed video content
  • Before & After School provision, PPA cover

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