Animalates TV is a fantastic way to get your children active as well as teaching them about healthy lifestyles – all in the safety and convenience of your own home.

It is also a great tool to use if you, as a parent, want to exercise with your kids.

The programme is a series of 10 minute exercise adventures that are streamed from the Animalates website and played either through your computer or smartTV, meaning you and your children can access the content any time without the need to book an instructor or exercise class – or to even leave your living room!

Subscriptions include a 12 month license, unlimited access to 16 Animalates Adventures, and instructional videos so that you can begin to understand the Animalates philosophy and exercise principles.

Meet the Crew!

Snap the Crocodile

Snap is a teenager who loves to rhyme. He’s no Eminem but for a teenage crocodile he isn’t bad. He can be short fused if he doesn’t get his own way but is also very protective of his crew. He is brave, confident and not afraid of making mistakes. He has a special segment called “Animalates Freestyle” where he suggests movements off the top of his head and challenges the audience to move into those positions as quickly as possible.

Cheeky the Cheetah

Cheeky is pre-teen and loves to run – she is, after all, the fastest animal on earth; though as Snap likes to remind her, there are faster animals in the air. Everything Cheeky does is quick; including her ability to lose concentration. She never sits still and loves to play around with her partner in crime, Mikey the Monkey.

Mikey the Monkey

Mikey is the baby of the bunch. He loves to climb trees and doesn’t take himself too seriously; he is always giggling. He is eager to learn and because of his enthusiasm he will attempt moves before learning them properly. He longs to be brave like Snap and wise like Roo and sometimes wishes he wasn’t so young.

Roo the Kangaroo

Roo is the mother of the crew. She is the eldest and most responsible. Her caring nature is comforting to the younger members; she is always willing to help. She calms Snap down and reassures Cheeky and Mikey. Oh - and she really likes to jump.

Pat the Penguin (PPP – Puppet Posture Police)

Pat is the Constable, Superintendent and Chief Inspector of the Puppet Posture Police. He is very interested in posture and enforces adherence with his rubber PPP badge. He lives by the motto “Posture cannot wait!” even though his PPP-mobile is slow and leaves the rest of the Animalates crew waiting as he arrives to conduct his posture inspection. It isn’t clear where his posture obsession came from but there are whispers it stems from falling over constantly in early life on the ice of his homeland, Antarctica.

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