Become a licensed Animalates Crew Leader

If the idea of engaging, motivating and inspiring children towards physical and mental health and wellbeing (and having huge fun in the process!) is appealing to you, then you should seriously consider becoming a qualified Animalates instructor.

Your role as Animalates Instructor will see you most likely lead classes in local gyms, health clubs, church halls, community and school facilities. We have little doubt that with the practical support network available to all licensees you will find it extremely rewarding, financially and otherwise.

Our highly-regarded training and qualification process package has the additional benefit of being hosted on the InnovEd Education Management System. The Education Management System (EMS) provides comprehensive online features and facilities to control the entire process of training, assessment, quality verification and instructor progress tracking.

Whether you already hold a Level 2 Fitness Instruction qualification or not, we have a training and certification package available to you to ensure you can begin hosting your own Animalates classes in your local area before long.

So, if you have:

  • passion for the benefits of physical activity in children
  • the ability to motivate and inspire people
  • good communication skills
  • an outgoing and friendly personality
  • acceptable level of fitness

Then get in touch with us to find out more!

  • Qualifiy as a licensed Animalates Instructor
  • Ongoing practical support and additional training provided to all licensees
  • Training delivered via the leading edge InnovEd Education Management System
  • Financially and emotionally rewarding

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